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2023 Shanghai international
Paper Art Biennale

Open call for artwork submission


2023 Shanghai international Paper Art Biennale

The theme of Biennale: One World·One Family

The theme of this Biennale is "One World·One Family," which upholds the concept of a "community with a shared future for

mankind" and conveys the shared aspiration to build a better life for humanity. Against the backdrop of our global village, the destinies of every nation and every individual are closely

intertwined. We should stand together through thick and thin, share weal and woe, and work hand in hand to create a platform for exchange and cooperation toward a brighter future.

The theme of this exhibition spans from the ancient to the present, starting from the traditional intangible cultural heritage

and moving toward contemporary artworks. It aims to facilitate a dialogue between Chinese and foreign paper art civilizations to the public. While appreciating and understanding the intangible cultural heritage of countries around the world, the general public will also have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the enduring charm of Chinese civilization and gain insights into

paper artworks across different time periods, spaces, and cultural backgrounds. This exhibition will contribute to the advancement of social aesthetic education strategy and further promote cultural self-confidence and self-improvement.


Location: Shanghai Fengxian Museum

No.333 Hupan Road ,Fengxian District, Shanghai

Duration:November 1st ,2023 – February 27th 2024

Opening Hours: Tuesday-Sunday 9:00-16:30;The Museum is closed every Monday, except national holidays.

How to submit your work

Call for Paper Artist
—2023 Shanghai International Paper Art Biennale (China)


Entry fee: Free

2023 Shanghai International Paper Art Biennale is organized by Paper+ Studio and Shanghai Fengxian Museum, and jointly hosted

by Shanghai Fengxian District Culture and Tourism Bureau. During the exhibition, the paper artists from all over the world will be invited to present their paper works at the exhibition. Alongside this, the works of well-known Chinese paper artists will be highlighted and displayed, as well as official works of Chinese paper heritage, and the promising student paper artworks from the art

universities of China.There will be three exhibition areas: Traditional Paper Art Area, International Paper Art Area, and last but least. The

Biennale will consist of one exhibition and a series of cultural and artistic activities. The exhibition, hosted at Fengxian City Museum, will invite domestic and foreign paper artists to show approximately 100 exhibits. With the theme of "World Intangible Cultural Heritage", this exhibition will include a special showcase dedicated to promote the intangible cultural heritage of paper art in Shanghai, theYangtze River Delta, and the whole country. The goal is to present a greater variety of traditional Chinese culture to the world and enhance national confidence. In conjunction with the exhibition, an international academic seminars will be organized, inviting numerous domestic and foreign paper artists, non-genetic inheritors, scholars and government officials to participate. Additionally, a series of art and cultural activities will be conducted, including artist creation, DIY handmade activities related to intangible cultural heritage, research activities, art lectures, and more.

Exhibition date:

November 1st ,2023 – February 27th 2024

Open call:

June 22th - August 30th 2023



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