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2021 Shanghai international
Paper Art Biennale

Open call for artwork submission


2021 Shanghai international Paper Art Biennale

The theme of the Biennale will be planned against the backdrop of the epidemic.The Biennale consists of an exhibition, a seminar ,International resident creation project and a series of cultural and artistic activities. The exhibition will take place in the Fengxian Museum. Nearly 100 paper artists from all over the world  will be invited to present more than 100 exhibits at the exhibition. There will be three exhibition areas:  Traditional  Paper Art Area, International Paper Art Area, and last but least, 2021 IAPMA 35th Anniversary Touring Exhibition Area. The themes of the three exhibition areas will be intertextual, sharing faith and strength for the global fight against the epidemic.International academic seminars will be held in conjunction with the exhibition, and more than ten domestic and foreign paper art experts, scholars, and government officials will be invited or connected online to participate; a series of art and cultural activities will also be carried out: theme handicraft workshops, on-site cultural activities, parallel exhibition , Environmental Art Market, etc.


Location: Shanghai Fengxian Museum

No.333 Hupan Road ,Fengxian District, Shanghai

Duration:September to November 2021

Opening Hours: Tuesday-Sunday 9:00-16:30;The Museum is closed every Monday, except national holidays.

How to submit your work

Call for Paper Artist
—2021 Shanghai International Paper Art Biennale (China)


Entry fee: Free

2021 Shanghai International Paper Art  Biennale is organized by Paper+ Studio and Fengxian Museum, and jointly hosted by Culture and Tourism Bureau of Fengxian District, Shanghai. The epidemic that began at the end of 2019 has sealed each individual in an independent space, while at the same time being engulfed in a closely related human community. In this biennale, a various thoughts of artists around world will be presented, concerning the epidemic, nature, live, promising hope and the great love. The paper that has always written history will continue to write in the form of contemporary art at this moment, taking the real-time picture of epidemics and the river of consciousness. At the same time, we are able to swim through the cold winter and head towards the next spring, along with the soft yet tough power of paper.
The primary requirement is the use of paper and handmade paper and all paper art forms are allowed.

Exhibition date:

September 25th – November 25th , 2021

Open call:

30th May -23th July 2021


Further information:
Review of 2019 Paper Art Biennale
Link of online Exhibition  :
Video link:

Deadline: 23th July 2021

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