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our team

Anson Ou

Lead Curator​

Anson Ou has been engaged in exhibition industries for more than 20 years. He possesses rich experience of development and management in commercial art space,events ,advertisement planning and art exhibition planning, especially in innovative creation of exhibition projects and commercial paper art space project, organizing and scheming projects , designing visual performance, art exhibition planning management.

So far, Anson has engineered dozens of large exhibition projects, such as commercial exhibition, art exhibition, high-end conference ,2015 Anson planed Art Canton Fair -Mico Art Festival;Anson planed Feasts on Paper -IAPMA World Paper Art Exhibition (Guangzhou) -30 IAPMA anniversary which was supported by many mainstream medias and obtained the popularity of the public visitors. In 2017 Anson planed Feasts on Paper -Shanghai International Paper Art Exhibition.In 2018 Anson planed Feasts on paper-Guangzhou International Paper Art Exhibition;In 2019 Anson planed Feasts on paper -Shanghai International Paper Art Biennale.

Anson Ou began to collaborate with two French manufacturers PROCEDES CHENEL INTERNATIONAL and 2015 respectively, and has been committed to the promotion of cultural exchange and international trade between China and France, during which, Ou has made a lot of efforts for the development of friendship and partnership between the two countries.  


Anson Ou

Chen yongqi

Japan Regional Representative


Chen Yongqi is a paper pulp artist. She received her Master of Arts and Crafts degree from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts. 
From 2014 to 2016, she conducted a case study of an inheritors of National Intangible Cultural Heritage of Zhenfeng Pi-Paper and field research in Guizhou prefecture.
From 2016 to 2017, she became a visiting scholar in Japan, and visited washi artisan in Ogawa Town, Saitama Prefecture and washi artist in Ishikawa Prefecture as well as participate cultural exchange of paper arts. Her main artistic creation methods include graphic paper pulp art and three-dimensional pulp sculpture.


Chen Yongqi

wu peng

North America Regional Representative

Peng Wu is a social practice artist who frequently uses handmade paper in his art projects.  He was born in China and works in both China and the United States. He currently teaches as a full-time professor at St Cloud State University in the U.S. He also teaches contemporary art and design classes in graduate schools as an adjunct faculty member at Minneapolis College of Art and Design and Philippine Women's University.

Peng Wu focuses on interdisciplinary collaborations and design activism. He is dedicated to creating socially engaged art in public spaces. His work combines the power of design thinking with contemporary art strategies to address various urgent social issues. Through collaborating across disciplines and cultures, he has created participatory art installations exhibited in art institutions both in the U.S. and China such as Weisman Art Museum, Walker Art Center, Minneapolis Institute of Art, as well as numerous public spaces and community centers.


Wu Peng

about Paper+ Studio

Paper+ Studio is the main organizer and curatorial planner of the 2019 Shanghai International Paper Art Biennale, a member of the IAPMA (International Association of Hand Papermakers and Paper Artists), and partner in China of French Procédés Chénel which is a family business, passing down its passion and expertise for temporary architectural installations since 1896 and over 4 generations . Paper+ Studio has always been committed to the mode of combining art and commerce.

Paper+Studio aimed to provide a platform for domestic and foreign paper artists and paper artists to learn from each other and explore paper art technology.At the same time, we also reached a strategic cooperation with many domestic and foreign paper artists, and jointly Jointly promote foreign related paper art exhibitions and conferences in China.It is also engaged in the education of paper art and crafts, the promotion of ancient papermaking and Consignment sales of paper cultural and creative products and related publications. It is a senior practitioner and leader in promoting the development of world paper art in China

In recent years, Paper+ Studio has successfully planned and organized many international paper art exhibitions and organized many large-scale paper art projects for Shopping malls in China. Exhibition projects is as follows:

2015    Art Canton Fair-Mico Art Festival;
2016    Feasts on Paper - IAPMA World Paper Art Exhibition (Guangzhou) -30th IAPMA anniversary which was supported by manymainstream medias and obtained the popularity of the public visitors.
2017    Feasts on Paper -Shanghai International Paper Art Exhibition.
2018     Feasts on paper-Guangzhou International Paper Art Exhibition;
2019     Feasts on paper -Shanghai International Paper Art Biennale.
2020    Feasts on Paper-2020 China Paper Fiber Art Exhibition (Shanghai)
2021    Feasts on paper- Paper Art Exchange Exhibition of Art Universities in China

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