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2021 Shanghai international
Paper Art Biennale

Harnessing the gentle yet resilient strength of paper, we journey through the winter, advancing towards the next spring.

The 2021 Shanghai International Paper Art Biennale is poised to commence in the splendid autumn at the Fengxian Museum, situated by the enchanting and serene JinHai Lake. This event is set to become one of the most vibrant and eye-catching highlights among the numerous activities of this year's Shanghai International Tourism Festival.

The Shanghai International Paper Art Biennale will present a plethora of refreshing, innovative, and trendsetting paper artworks from overseas artists that promise to captivate and inspire. This year, we received applications from 228 foreign artists and 85 domestic artists from 48 countries, including over ten domestic art colleges and six artists from Hong Kong and Taiwan. The scope and influence of this event have surpassed the inaugural edition.

China's art aesthetic has continued to broaden over the 40 years since its reform and opening up. This year, we are breaking from the traditional invitation-based system and actively seeking a wide variety of paper art works of all sizes and styles. This not only caters to the vast Chinese audience and paper art practitioners but also presents an opportunity for everyone to appreciate, study, and learn, establishing the benchmark for contemporary Chinese paper art creation.

The organization of this exhibition also aims to explore the real-world implications of art, delving into the ever-evolving topics of our world. The Biennale is an invaluable platform for cultural exchange, innovation, and understanding, further contributing to the vibrant and evolving discourse on contemporary art.

2021 Shanghai International Paper Art Biennale (hereafter referred to as the "Biennale") is guided by the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism, the Organizing Committee of Shanghai Fengxian Oriental Beauty Valley Art Festival, and the Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts.

The Biennale is hosted by the Shanghai Fengxian District Bureau of Culture and Tourism, with the Shanghai Fengxian District Museum, the School of Fashion Design of Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts, and Zhiyi Workshop undertaking the organization. The Shanghai Fengxian District Center for the Preservation and Heritage of Intangible Cultural Heritage has also collaborated in the event.

Moreover, the Biennale has received substantial support from various institutions, including the International Association of Hand Papermakers and Paper Artists (IAPMA), the Hand Papermaking Research Institute of the University of Science and Technology of China, and the Research Center of Chinese Folk Art at the South China University of Technology. This collaboration and support network underscores the importance of the Biennale in shaping the future of paper art, locally and internationally.

Theme: Love+Care


The pandemic that started at the end of 2019 encapsulated each individual within their private space, simultaneously sweeping us all into an interconnected human community. We find ourselves in an era laden with uncertainty and possibility, where questions about our existence, our place in space, and the world are incessant. The overwhelming need for an unbounded love and search for purpose surge forth. Now more than ever, we need paper art. It serves as an outlet for expression and writing. Deriving from our daily lives, it is the poetry regained from the deluge of the world, and more importantly, the enduring love that connects us at the crossing, amidst the constant flow of people.

This year's Biennale is planned around the pandemic backdrop, consisting of an exhibition, a conference, an international residency creation plan, and a series of cultural and artistic activities. Located at the Fengxian Museum, the exhibition invites nearly a hundred paper artists from around the world to gather in Shanghai and exhibit about a hundred pieces of work.

Three exhibition areas will be open: "Guard": Traditional Paper Art Exhibition Area, "Watch": Contemporary Paper Art Exhibition Area, and "From Beginning to End" (Exhibition within the Exhibition): The 35th anniversary tour of IAPMA, the International Association of Hand Papermakers and Paper Artists. The themes of these three exhibition areas interweave, collectively delivering faith and strength to fight against the pandemic globally.

Accompanying the exhibition will be an international academic symposium, and a series of art and cultural activities will be launched, such as themed workshops, live cultural activities, and cultural expeditions.


Shanghai Municipal Administration of Culture and Tourism

Organizing Committee of Oriental Beauty Valley Art Festival, Fengxian, Shanghai

Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts


Culture and Tourism Bureau of Fengxian District, Shanghai


Fengxian Museum
School of Fashion Design,Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts
Paper+ Studio


Intangible Cultural Heritage Preservation and Promotion Center of Fengxian District, Shanghai



International Association of Hand Papermakers and Paper Artists

Institute of Handmade Paper University of Science and Technology of China

Institute of Chinese Folk Art of South China University of Technology

Magazine of Shanghai Art & Crafts

Guangdong Academy of Original Arts

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