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2023 Shanghai international
Paper Art Biennale


2023 Shanghai international
Paper Art Biennale

The "2023 Shanghai International Paper Art Biennale" (hereinafter referred to as the "Biennale") was organized under the guidance of the Shanghai Culture and Tourism Bureau and the Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts. It was hosted by the Shanghai Fengxian District Culture and Tourism Bureau, undertaken by the Shanghai Fengxian District Museum, the School of Fashion Design at the Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts, and Paper+ Studio. The event was co-organized by the Intangible Cultural Heritage Preservation and Promotion Center of Fengxian District, Shanghai, and received strong support from the Shanghai Public Art Museum, the Intangible Cultural Heritage Preservation and Promotion Center of Shanghai, the International Association of Hand Paper Makers and Paper Artists (IAPMA), the Handmade Paper Institute of the University of Science and Technology of China, the Chinese Folk Art Research Center of the South China University of Technology, as well as the Sculpture Magazine of China and the Magazine of Shanghai Art & Crafts.

  • This edition of the biennial is an important measure for the District Culture and Tourism Bureau to implement the Party's 20 major spirits, promote the prosperity and development of cultural undertakings, meet the cultural needs of the people, and enhance the spiritual strength of the people. It aims to facilitate the convergence and collision of Chinese civilization with cultures from around the world, allowing for a dialogue between the crystallization of traditional intangible cultural heritage and the fashionable aesthetics of modern art, It serves as a bridge of dialogue and communication between Chinese and foreign paper cultures, allowing people to have a clearer and more comprehensive understanding of the affinity and influence of paper on the material and spiritual world of mankind. It aims to tell China's story and spread China's voice effectively, both within China and worldwide, while presenting a credible, lovely, and respectable image of China.

  • The exhibition will also seize the opportunity of Shanghai being the rotating city of the Yangtze River Delta Cultural and Tourism Alliance in 2023 to establish connections with the cultural resources of the Yangtze River Delta. It aims to foster the cultural exchanges between Fengxian and the Yangtze River Delta, and constantly expand the influence of Fengxian's original exhibition brand.

  • The Biennale will consist of one exhibition and a series of cultural and artistic activities. The exhibition, hosted at Fengxian City Museum, will invite domestic and foreign paper artists to show approximately 100 exhibits. With the theme of "World Intangible Cultural Heritage", this exhibition will include a special showcase dedicated to promote the intangible cultural heritage of paper art in Shanghai, the Yangtze River Delta, and the whole country. The goal is to present a greater variety of traditional Chinese culture to the world and enhance national confidence. In conjunction with the exhibition, an international academic seminar will be organized, inviting numerous domestic and foreign paper artists, non-genetic inheritors, scholars, and government officials to participate. Additionally, a series of art and cultural activities will be conducted, including artist creation, DIY handmade activities related to intangible cultural heritage, research activities, art lectures, and more.

Chief curator: Anson Ou (China)

Participating Artists: 

Ale Rambar  (Costa Rica)      Alice Melloni  Italy       Anna Maria Bellman  (Germany)

Ankon Mitra  (India )         Anna Olson( UK)          Anne Karen Schutterle  (France)

Anne Rudanovski( Estonia)     Anny Blaise  (France)     Bang Hai Phan(Vietnam)

Beatriz Vásquez (USA)        Bianca Severijns(Israel)     Brigitte Amarger (France)   

Cao Weihua (China)         Carmel Ilan (Israel)         Carolina Le Meur (Morocco)

Chanyoung Kim (Korea)       Charles Richard Clary (USA)  Deng Xuelan (China)

Dana Goh (Singapore)         Daniela Todorova (Bulgaria)   Deanne Row (USA)

Dominique Rousseau(France)   Debra Collins  (USA)      Elizabeth Lefranc (France)

Elizabeth Mackie (USA)       Emma Claros  (Spain)      Esther Edelman (Israel)

Eszter Bornemisza (Hungary)   Eunice Siow (Singapore)     Elizabeth Briel (USA)

Fang Yuan (China)            Fides Linien  (Germany)    Flavia Lovatelli  (USA)

Gabrièle Fontana (Canada)     Guo Qingfeng (China)      Gu Gexin (China)

Helene Tschacher (Germany)   HeYingsi (Japan)           Hong Xinfu (China)

Huang Yuqin (China)         He Qiuhong(China)        Isabel Barbuzza (USA)

Irene Rammensee (Germany)   Ismet Tatar (Cyprus)       Jacqueline Mallegni (USA)

Jennifer Davies  (USA)       JudithWilson (Australia)    Jesus Renteria Franco(Mexico)

Juliana Bernal (Colombia)     Kaori Kato( Japan)         Karen Perry  (Mexico)

Karla Nixon (South Africa)       Lian Brehm (USA)         Lorraine Bubar (USA)

Li Hongbo (China)             Li Min (China)             Li Guowei (China)

Liu Na (China)              Liu Xiao (China)         Liu Yanshan&Liu Liu (China)

Liang Zhizhuo (China)          Li Ruiqing China          Liu Shuiyang (China)

Lin Haolin&Xing Shangmei&Liu Shengping China          Li Shiyi  (China)

Mali Klein  (Netherlands)     Manela Granziol(Italy)      Marie-Laure Miazza (Switzerland)

Marilou Pilou Glinz (Switzerland) Michael Velliquette(USA)    Minnamarina Tammi (Filand)

Masarratfatima sulaimani (United Arab Emirates)           Nadja Schoellhammer (Germany)

Nicholas Cladis (USA)          Paola Bazz (Italy)          Peng Wu (USA)

Pudji Utomo (Indonesia)      Qin Dali (China)         Qi Yetong&Ju Wei (China)    

Ren Guanghui&Wu Huirong(China)    Ray Powe  (Spain)         Sandy Pouget (France)        Sanele Sikwana (Korea)    Silvia Beltrami (Italy)       So jinyoung (Korea)         

Song Junsheng (China)    Sui Yanling (China)      Shi Hongling (China)

Shanghai Flying Flowers Team (China)

21Fiber Art Design class of School of Fashion Design,Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts China

Paper Art Club Paper of Shanghai Fengxian District Touqiao primary schoo(China)

Tang Shukun& Qin Qing China      Ursula von Kirchbach (Germany)

Verena Friedrich (Germany)        Wilhelm Schramm (Austria)   Wang Weiwei (China)

Xao Xi (China)                   Xie Shuhui (China)          Xu Wanlin  (China)

Xu Dapeng  (China)              Xi Xiaoqin (China)          Yoko Kataoka(Japan)

Yan Ze (China)                Yan Dong (China)             Zhang Xiaomei (China)

Zheng Feifei (China)            Zhou Baocai (China)


Shanghai Municipal Administration of Culture and Tourism

Organizing Committee of Oriental Beauty Valley Art Festival, Fengxian, Shanghai

Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts


Culture and Tourism Bureau of Fengxian District, Shanghai


Fengxian Museum
Paper+ Studio
School of Fashion Design,Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts


Intangible Cultural Heritage Preservation and Promotion Center of Fengxian District, Shanghai


International Association of Hand Papermakers and Paper Artists
Institute of Handmade Paper University of Science and Technology of China
Institute of Chinese Folk Art of South China University of Technology
Magazine of Shanghai Art & Crafts

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