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Feasts on paper- Paper Art Exchange Exhibition of Art Universities in China

Updated: Feb 17

Duration:May 11th – May 20th , 2021

Location: A5 Exhibition Hall , 1st Floor, Museum C, South China University of Technology, Guangzhou

Curator: Anson Ou

Academic adviser: Ke zhang / Dali Qin / Po Jiang / Xiaoshan LV / Qingfeng Wu / Peng Wu / Danyan zhou


South China University of Technology


School of Design,South China University of Technology



Chinese Folk Art Research Center,South China University of Technology

Museum of South China University of Technology

Guangdong Beidou Culture and Art Co., Ltd


Organizing committee of Shanghai International Paper Art Exhibition

International Association of Hand Papermakers and Paper Artists

School of Fashion Design,Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts

School of Architecture and Allied Art, Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts

Academy of Architecture&Arts, Guangxi Arts University

School of Art and Design, Shanghai Institute of Technology

Guangdong Industry Polytechnic

Minneapolis College of Art and Design

Wushe Space

Tan’s Paper Art


Guangzhou Yiduoduo Culture Technology Co. Ltd

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