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Feasts on Paper-2020 China Paper Fiber Art Exhibition (Shanghai)

Date:  September 12th – September 21th , 2020

Exhibition visiting: a.m.10:00- p.m.5:00

Shanghai International Paper Art Seminar: September 16th – September 17th , 2020

Handmade paper activitie : September 17th afternoon

Location:Exhibition Hall in Shujie Ctreative Park, Shanghai(No.1-193#2898 Jinhai Road ,Fengxian District, Shanghai,China)


Culture and Tourism Bureau of Fengxian District, Shanghai

School of Fashion Design ,Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts




Shanghai Art Grafts


Organizing Committee of Shanghai International Paper Art Biennale

International Association of Hand Papermakers and Paper Artists

Sculpture Department of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts

School of Art Education ,Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts

Shanghai Shujie Creative Industry Park

Shanghai Art Grafts

Collection Action

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